Weekly Reports

Weekly Reports


Guide to Weekly Reports

Every Monday your child will bring home a weekly report to keep you informed on how your child is doing in first grade. The weekly report will contain the weekly targets, the assessment grades for the week, and an effort grade for the week. There will also be a brief comment. Please look for and read over the weekly report each Monday.

Targets:The targets are what your child learned that week. Each target is based on the NYS Common Core standards that are reflected on the first grade report card. The targets are to let you know what we covered and to give you guidance on whether your child is meeting the targets for the week, based on the grades stated in the report that week.

Grades:The grades reflected in the weekly reports are the same as the progress repot (report card).

4: Meeting Standards with Distinction  
3: Meeting Standards 

2: Partially Meeting Standards    
1: Not Meeting Standards                     

If your child received a 4 or 3, your child is meeting the targets for the week. If your child received a 2, your child needs to practice the target that they are struggling with. If your child received a 1, this is a target that needs to be discussed with the teacher.

Effort:This will reflect how your child behaved and worked in the classroom